Because Orders Don't Magically Fall Into Place

Storegear Picking orchestrates the whirlwind after the click.

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Building Blocks

Storegear Picking consists of a scalable set of modules designed to enable retailers to accurately and efficiently pick online orders from (dark)-stores, effectively turning them into mini-fulfillment centers. The modules integrate with all types of enterprise systems, including e-commerce, ERPs, OMSs and CRMs.

Mobile Picking

All the tools you need to pick, pack and ship orders efficiently and totally paperless in a single app.

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Order Management

Track incoming orders, your pickers' progress and empower your business with actionable insights.

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Label Generation

Ship faster by creating shipping labels right from the app. Includes support for custom labels and all major couriers.

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Inventory Syncing

Automatic and semi-automatic solutions for syncing picked product quantities across each of your replenishment platforms.

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Picking Accuracy

Pick Accuracy


Reduction in picking costs

Reduction in picking costs


Unique picks per hour

Unique picks per hour

Mobile Picking

Full-featured mobile app that runs on Android, developed in close collaboration with store operations experts. Fulfill orders faster and reduce pick error rates.

Order Queue and Task Lists

User-friendly workflow and streamlined task lists with colored statuses show the right details during every step in the picking process.

In-Store Navigation

Optimized pick sequences navigate the order picker along the shortest route, reducing travel time and increasing pick rates.

Scan to Pick

Scan barcodes to check-off products, including random weight products. Reduce mispicks and improve accuracy up to 99.9%.

Batch Picking

Fulfill orders simultaneously based on company-specific needs and boost your pick rates with single and multi-SKU batch picking.

Pause & Continue

Partially fulfill an order and put it on pause. Add instructions for the next order picker to continue fulfilling the order.

Substitutions and Exceptions

Cope with out of stocks by using retailer-defined product substitutions or manually add substitutions/new products.

Hands-Free Mode

Increase efficiency by using a ring scanner‐ leaving employees' hands free to pick products.

Performance Tracking

Track individual employee performance, such as average picks per hour as well as overall team efficiency.

Order Management

No more spreadsheets or frantic calls. Consolidate your picking operations into one beautiful, intuitive web-based dashboard.

Traffic Control

Real-time visibility into the status of orders and shipments helps to ensure your picking operations are operating at peak efficiency.

Workforce Management

Training mode for onboarding new associates and role-based user authentication and assignment of employees to stores.

Operational Insight

Export data to give your operations teams the insights required to provide customers with a great experience.

Label Generation

Easily print shipping labels to save time on your order fulfillment. Easily configure the print settings in the mobile app to print labels in 1-click.

Custom Labels

Create custom shipping labels based on the specific needs of your business. Includes symbols for different holding areas for temperature-controlled products.

QR-code Track & Trace

Accurately track when and where packages are handed off in real-time by using our automated QR-code generator when printing custom labels.

Carrier Labels

Fully automate your shipping process by connecting Mobile Picking to all your carriers. Automatically print a shipping label that matches the order.

Inventory Syncing

Sync picked product quantities across each of your replenishment platforms.

Datafeed Sync

Easily and quickly sync picked product quantities to multiple replenishment platforms using FTP/API methods.

POS Check-out

Allows store associates to checkout via existing POS systems by scanning a code to sync all picked products.