Because Arriving On Time Makes A Difference

Storegear Delivery gets orders where they're going, when they're supposed to be there. On-time, everytime.

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Building Blocks

Storegear Delivery consists of a scalable set of modules enabling established companies to manage the logistics chain with full visibility and in real-time, from checkout to doorstep.

Mobile Delivery

Ensure better deliveries and maximize the number of drops in as short a time as possible with a single and easy-to-use app.

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Route Optimization

Plan routes in seconds instead of hours by automatically optimizing your routes into the most efficient order of stops.

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Fleet Management

View and optimize all your stops on an interactive map and dispatch the routes to your drivers with a single click.

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Increase in on-time deliveries

Increase in on-time deliveries


Savings in delivery operations

Savings in delivery operations


Increase in first-time right

Increase in first-time right

Mobile Delivery

The app for your mobile workforce.

Dispatched Stops

Drivers receive scheduled stops and can easily access customer information and delivery details from one screen.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Navigate to delivery destinations directly from the mobile app and choose any navigation system as the default.

Proof of Delivery

Everyone stays accountable with proof of delivery by capturing photos, signatures, and barcodes.

Barcode Scanning

Scan and verify barcodes using the integrated scanner or the camera of a device.

PIN Validation

Let the receiver accept the parcel by entering a unique PIN-code straight to the driver's mobile device.

Age Verification

Simple and fast age-verification check for situations where the recipients' age needs to be verified.

Batched Tasks

Set company-specific rules to batch tasks so the driver can fulfill and drop-off multiple shipments in just one step.

Offline mode

Offline mode allows remote workers to collect data, even in situations with a non-existent internet connection.

Returns Handling

Returns are color-coded for more clarity. Unplanned returns are easily managed by manually adding them to the ride.


Push updated delivery details and inform your driver of any changes while on the road.

Manual Mileage Registration

Allows the driver to manually input the mileage before and after the start of a ride to log the total distance driven.

Automatic Mileage Registration

Track and register the GPS locations, exact times and mileage traveled automatically.

In-App Route Optimization

Optimize and identify the shortest routes in real-time with a single tap, and communicate accurate ETAs with the end customers.

Adjustable Coordinates

Enables couriers to adjust the GPS coordinates of a location, so the next driver won't lose time finding the correct drop-off location.

Payment Collection

Integrate numerous mobile POS systems enabling your drivers to manage all payments through the mobile app.

Temperature Monitoring

Simplify the compliance of perishable products by producing records of the temperatures to which the cargo has been exposed to.

Route Optimization

More stops in less time.

Add Drivers

Assign drivers and set work hours and allowable overtime, start and end locations, lunch breaks, skills, and service areas.

Add Constraints

Add other parameters such as time windows, delivery types, stop durations, vehicle capacities and more.

Automatic Optimization

Build cost-effective routes with little effort by automatically optimizing your stops into the most efficient order. You’ll save hours of planning, travel time, and a lot of fuel.

Adjust Routes

Easily override the 'correct' order of stops when special factors like customer preference make it necessary to move and re-assign stops.

Fleet Management

Your fleet in a browser.

Import Routes

Import a spreadsheet or connect your system with Storegear's API for a seamless experience.

Map View

Visualize your route paths and unassigned stops on an interactive map. While viewing a route’s path, this helps you decide if an unassigned stop should be added to it.

Dispatch to Drivers

Download your routes or better yet, send routes straight to your drivers’ devices.

Delivery Status

Check the status of a vehicle’s scheduled and remaining stops for the day.