Building The
Best Software For The Delivery Of Goods

Storegear was born from the idea that technology represents a fundamental part of last-mile logistics, enabling it to become more agile and customer-centric.

In 2014, we started off by launching the first same-day delivery grocery service in The Netherlands. Our first-hand experience with last-mile delivery taught us to push our boundaries and come up with innovative ideas to further revolutionize the world of last-mile logistics.

Our proprietary software attracted great interest from major retailers and logistics companies, which is why we started to build a powerful yet flexible solution that enables other businesses to keep pace with the demands for ever-faster delivery and more visibility.

Our Mission

Storegear is relentlessly focused on creating the best software for the delivery of goods. We offer retailers and other businesses an Amazon-or Uber-like level of visibility into their picking and delivery operations. For this purpose we have built three products in conjunction with leading retailers. Each product consists of a scalable set of modules allowing them to create the setup tailored for their business.

Our People

Built by an international team hailing from three countries, Storegear is scaling up very quickly in order to meet the growing enterprise demand for our solutions. You'll find most of us at our headquarters in Rotterdam, but around half of the team works remotely from different parts of the world.

Storegear has raised capital from First Dutch and is backed by several of the best family funds in The Netherlands.

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Niek Hoek

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Current Openings

We're always looking for brilliant, enthusiastic people to join us so feel free to get in touch even if you don't see a position that fits you below.

API Integration Specialist

  • Consult with our partners and third-party developers, contribute to the development of our applications
  • Develop client libraries for our API and examples of their use and useful services
  • Write technical documentation and instructions

  • Basic programming skills in one or more languages (Java / JavaScript)
  • The desire to learn about new platforms, languages, and libraries
  • Good written English

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Android Developer

  • Breaking down tasks
  • Project scope planning
  • Interacting with analysts, designers, programmers, and testers
  • Writing quality code

  • Experience developing on Android (2+ years, API level 15+)
  • Deep understanding of Java (3+ years)
  • Knowledge of the development specifics of Android (version 4 and higher)
  • Knowledge and understanding of Android MVP, OOP, and design patterns
  • Ability to create interfaces and interface animations
  • Protocol and format knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS, JSON, REST
  • Experience working with push notifications
  • Experience working with Git
  • Ability to understand others' code

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