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Logistics Made Easy

Achieve operational excellence across your entire fulfillment ecosystem

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Pick, Pack & Ship

State-of-the-art fulfillment solution that turns stores and warehouses into highly efficient distribution centers. Storegear Picking enables operators to cost-effectively pick, pack and ship orders.

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Route Optimization & Dispatch

Managing a delivery operation is complicated and frustrating. We knew there had to be a better way. Storegear DFS transforms cumbersome last-mile logistics into delightful delivery management.

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- Hallmarks of our solutions -


Today, customers expect visibility in their transaction from discovery through delivery. Storegear helps Field Services and Last-Mile companies improve their user experiences to keep up with the mobile economy.

 Low Capex

From end-to-end, technology is the solution differentiator affecting service excellence and operational efficiency. Storegear offers affordable access to the technology needed for intelligent response to customer demands.

 Highly Scalable

Our solutions are built to be able to quickly and cost-effectively scale while providing localized services and communications and coping with the flux of demands during peak periods.

 Easy Integration

Our platform was built to connect with a variety of APIs, enabling companies to transform their operations and customer relationship experience without high infrastructure costs or IT expertise.

Why Storegear?

Predictable annual investment

We believe in simple, transparent pricing that works for everyone, whether you're a local restaurant or a multinational logistics company.

On-going development

Through regular maintenance and new features our mobile apps, web dashboard, and customer engagement modules only get better.

Proven implementation

We’ve established a solid reputation built on reliability and ensure a 100% success rate through our method of implementation.



Savings in picking operations


Reduction in complaints


Reduction in missed deliveries


Increase in average order sizes


Faster delivery times


Increase in repeat orders

*Reported Customer Results

Imagine if you could automate your picking, packing, shipping, dispatching, routing and live tracking.

Imagine if your entire fulfillment ecosystem could run on auto-pilot...

...all while slashing costs, increasing efficiencies, delighting your customers and allowing you to spend more time growing your business...

That's Storegear.

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Storegear Customers